Masterclass | Orchestrating Time – Rhythm & empathy

Time is the unit of movement, and the unit of time is rhythm. Fixed quantities of time that repeat: Seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, years, centuries. We experience the rhythmic changes of the seasons, hormonal cycles, the tides. Everything around us moves in rhythms, in circles, repetitively. It is a fundamental aspect of human experience, present in music, speech, and movement.

Rhythm has a unique way of resonating with people on an emotional level. Rhythm serves as a catalyst for empathy, creating a sense of emotional bonding and social cohesion when we connect with it. When we listen to music, our brains synchronize with rhythmic beats, leading to increased emotional engagement and shared experiences with the music and potentially those around us.

Rhythm and empathy are intertwined through the emotional resonance of rhythm, its role in non-verbal communication and shared experiences, and its ability to foster connections and understanding among individuals.

In this Masterclass Frank van Kasteren will dive into the world of rhythm, music and empathy with musical examples. Can music help us in building a stronger sense of togetherness and mutual understanding?