Masterclass | Koen Heagens | Searching for Devoted Time / Why Are We Wasting Our Time?

How is it that everyone is so busy? That people run faster, sleep less, and even speak faster than before? And how does this 'rush society' align with the many hours we spend each day behind our screens, engrossed in our Instagram timelines or yet another cute cat video?

A life-changing event in his own life set journalist and author Koen Haegens on the trail of what he calls the 'Great Time Paradox.' We complain about being busy. We also want to savor every moment. Yet, in the meantime, we squander hours by swiping and scrolling as if we were immortal.

In his contribution to CHRO Day, Koen shares his personal quest and, inspired by philosophers like Kierkegaard, Heidegger, and De Beauvoir, takes us on a journey through various perspectives on time. Our intended destination: an answer to whether there is a different, more intense way to handle the limited time given to us.

Koen Haegens (1980) is an economics editor and columnist at De Groene Amsterdammer. His latest book, "Searching for Scattered Time," was published earlier this year.