Panel discussion | Margiet Sitskoorn & Simone das Dores | Harmonizing Generational Dynamics

As Generation Z takes an increasing role in your workforce, you might be looking for inspiration on how to cultivate a thriving, multi-generational work environment. To what extent do (generalized) generational differences manifest in behavior patterns, perceptions of time, work-related needs and expectations? And how can insights from psychology and neuropsychology contribute to an inclusive and appealing workplace?

Psychology studies human behavior and mental processes, while neuropsychology focuses on the interaction between the brain and behavior, particularly the neurological basis of cognition and emotions.

During CHRO Day on November 16 we will have an engaging conversation with neuropsychologist Margriet Sitskoorn and psychotherapist Simone das Dores (OpenUp), where they’ll share invaluable insights and scientific knowledge regarding generations to help build a thriving, multigenerational workplace.