Roundtable | Aon | Future Ready Workforce

With the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive and the Pay Transparency Directive coming into play, together with other challenges like increasing costs, inflation, wellbeing of employees, attracting and retaining talent, companies are facing complex and challenging times. Many of the challenges are related to HR. Therefore, HR has a significant and proactive role to play.

In the Round Table discussion with Aon, you will dive into the following topics:

  • Pay Transparancy: what do you need to prepare for according to the new Directive? How to handle the rising expectations among candidates and employees and what to consider to reduce the associated people, financial, and reputational risks to the organization?
  • Skills Tranformation: do you have the necessary skills present in your workforce to be ready for the future? Utilising data-led insights to gain a greater understanding of the skills landscape for roles in your organization to make better workforce decisions.
  • DEI&B: do you have a deliberate DEIB strategy in place to attract, retain, sustain, and develop talent?