Roundtable: Leading to a better world – Managers becoming the leaders we need

Many organizations change to flatter organizational structures as they enable fitter, faster and a more flexible work-flow. Which requires not only an organizational transformation, but a shift in leadership too.

Google’s extensive internal research project, “Project Oxygen'', examined the traits and qualities that make up a great leader. Google discovered that these relative new kind of leaders are good coaches, who avoid micromanaging and empower their teams. Moreover, they are strong supporters of career development who frequently discuss the performance and upskilling of their people.

“People leave managers, not companies” – Marcus Buckingham

Managers don’t become the best leaders by reading about it there is upskilling needed and a transformation to make way for the leaders of the future.

Simon Sinek, bestselling author (Start with Why) and founder of the ‘Golden Circle’ connects to this by describing this new type of leader as follows: "A star wants to see himself rise to the top. A leader wants to see those around him rise to the top."

What are your current challenges when it comes to your leadership team?

During this round table Isabel Moll - Vice President & General Manager of Dell Technologies Netherlands will be sharing her expertise and experiences. She is leading a leadership transformation herself. Prior to Dell she led the services around digital transformations and Data & Analytics for KPMG Healthcare and Public Sector.