Roundtable: People, planet, profit, and Tech! –It all defines your culture

Culture is defined by the way people do things together. Everybody in your company interacts with your systems daily. Your systems are a member of your team delivering HR services. They are making a difference in the way people do things together, thus being an integral part of your company culture.

The impact of HR Technology on culture is something that is often overlooked when deciding it is time for an IT transformation. When it should and can complement the employee experience - connecting it to your brand, values, and strategy.

Who are you as a company and how is that reflected in your employee experience and serviced by your HR Technology solutions?

Getting the full benefit and making the right decisions when it comes to HR Technology, can only be done when you have clear sight on your brand promise, cultural values, and the employee experience you want to bring. HR is owner of topics like culture, employee experience. Which is why we believe that HR should claim the topic of IT.

During this roundtable, we will discuss the necessary steps to link culture and employee experience to an IHR Technology transformation. The non-tech side of Tech. Things like making use of design principles, defining the moments that matter in the employee experience, all elements to create that unique impact in the day-to-day delivery of HR services through IT.