Roundtable Workday | “Unravelling Time: Exploring its Impact on the Employee Experience”

The employee experience is the sum of an employee's journey and perceptions during their time with an organization. It encompasses interactions, emotions, and observations tied to the workplace, culture, role, and relationships. It influences work satisfaction, engagement, well-being, and productivity, incorporating aspects like work-life balance, growth opportunities, recognition, inclusivity, and organizational support. A positive employee experience boosts job satisfaction, productivity, and talent retention.

Measuring Employee Engagement:

  1. How can CHROs effectively measure the pulse of employee engagement within our organization, and what data-driven strategies can we implement to improve it?
  2. In what ways can we use technology and analytics to gather real-time insights on employee satisfaction and engagement, and how can we leverage these insights to create a more engaging workplace?

Inclusivity and Recognition:

  1. How can we ensure that inclusivity and recognition are not just buzzwords but tangible aspects of our workplace culture? What specific actions and policies can we put in place to foster a truly inclusive and appreciative environment?
  2. What innovative methods and initiatives have other organizations successfully employed to promote inclusivity and recognition? How to adapt those practices to suit our unique organizational culture and needs?

Work-Life Balance:

  1. How can we strike a balance between meeting our business goals and ensuring that our employees have a healthy work-life equilibrium? What specific policies or practices have been effective in this regard, and how can we implement them?
  2. Can you share examples of companies that have excelled in creating a supportive work environment that values both the personal and professional aspects of their employees' lives? What strategies did they use, and how can we replicate their success?