Talking about the people in people, planet and profit

"During this keynote, dr. Marcia Goddard will address an uncomfortable truth in the world of HR. Based on her extensive experience working with large organizations on topics related to DE&I, her perspective is that DE&I initiatives have no chance of succeeding when the main players (i.e. you and your c-level peers) aren’t intrinsically motivated to actually make a difference. According to Goddard, too many organizations still address DE&I from a marketing perspective, putting CHROs in the uncomfortable position of having to embellish the truth.

Goddard will refresh your memory by explaining the value of DE&I from a neuroscientific perspective. More importantly, however, she will use that same perspective to explain why intrinsic motivation is an absolute necessity to combat the prehistoric tendency of our brains to resist change. Especially when that change may feel like your seat at the table is being threatened.

By combining neuroscientific insights with real-world examples from her extensive consulting experience, you will leave this talk feeling inspired to tap into your own intrinsic motivation, and truly start making a difference.