Dr. Edward Haarmans

Founder | The Purpose company

After studying Business Economics at the Erasmus University, Edward fulfilled various commercial and general management roles, always based on the principle of a win-win situation.

After writing his book about Purpose in life and long lasting happiness, Edward started The Purpose Company with two partners. The original win-win approach got an extra win; a positive impact on employees (People), the business (Profit) and the world (around us) (Planet).

Title session: Purpose as strategic element for inspiring leadership

In this session Edward takes you through the essentials of Purpose and how to benefit from all advantages of being Purpose driven as an organization.

What is the position of Purpose within the various strategic elements of your business and what is the power of Purpose on inspiring leadership. To become a truly Purpose driven and attractive employer, with a strong (Employer) Brand, the employees should be aligned with the Purpose. As a result the Purpose is felt and experienced by all stakeholders.