Sjors Roeters

Editor and writer | Vrij Nederland

Sjors Roeters (Groningen, 1991) is an editor at Vrij Nederland. He immerses himself in the world of capitalism, the problems it causes and the resistance to it. He studied in Amsterdam, Leiden and Rio de Janeiro and followed the masters European Studies and Literary Studies. In the past year he traveled through Europe in his search for alternatives to capitalism.
Book: Miljardairs onder de guillotine. Op zoek naar alternatieven voor het kapitalisme (11 oktober 2022)

Sjors Roeters once thought that capitalism would save the world. From the age of eleven he traded furiously on the stock exchange and he believed fervently in the superiority of the system. Now he sees that the structures and incentives of capitalism lead to inequality and destruction. While the earth is on fire, the rich get richer. History shows that extreme inequality almost always leads to violence in the end. Can the tide still be turned?


Masterclass: Are there alternatives for Capitalism? | 14:00 – 14:30 | Oranje Nassau zaal