“People Planet Profit”
On the edge of capitalism

One of the things that separates us human beings from other species is that we create our own rules, narratives, and culture. By collaborating within that narrative, we make it the one reality we all live in. As human beings we are capable of imagination, abstract reasoning, cultural establishment, morality, and mental time travel. We can formulate vast narratives, consider the effects of dozens of scenarios in our decision-making, and analyse our situations well enough to draw from previous experience and potentially avoid earlier mistakes. 

The vast majority of humankind has accepted capitalism as their truth, which is very understandable as it brought us prosperity (some more than others), fast innovations, knowledge, business opportunities and growth. Looking at the challenges we are facing today; (Human) Resources are running low, climate change, inequality, housing crisis, mental and physical vitality. It all has a lot to do with how we are organized today, with the wish for economic growth and free market. Playing the game of capitalism, we will always need more. In a survey done by the marketing and public relations firm Edelman in 2020, 57% of people worldwide said that “capitalism as it exists today does more harm than good in the world”

Let’s discuss during CHRO Day 2022:

  • What can you as an HR leader do to steer your organization in the right direction? 
  • Is the era of capitalism coming to an end or can we adjust the rules to the game enough? 
  • Will ESG strategies be a solution or is that too little? And how would translate that into your people strategy?
  • What role can technology play in bringing People, planet and profit more in balance with eachother?


Sjors Roeters

Dr. Marcia Goddard

Tamara Bavius

Veronique Streekstra

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