Roundtable: People, planet, profit, and Tech! –It all defines your culture

Culture is defined by the way people do things together. Everybody in your company interacts with your systems daily. Your systems are a member of your team delivering HR services. They are making a difference in the way people do things together, thus being an integral part of your company culture.

The impact of HR Technology on culture is something that is often overlooked when deciding it is time for an IT transformation. When it should and can complement the employee experience – connecting it to your brand, values, and strategy.

Who are you as a company and how is that reflected in your employee experience and serviced by your HR Technology solutions?

Getting the full benefit and making the right decisions when it comes to HR Technology, can only be done when you have clear sight on your brand promise, cultural values, and the employee experience you want to bring. HR is owner of topics like culture, employee experience. Which is why we believe that HR should claim the topic of IT.

During this roundtable, we will discuss the necessary steps to link culture and employee experience to an IHR Technology transformation. The non-tech side of Tech. Things like making use of design principles, defining the moments that matter in the employee experience, all elements to create that unique impact in the day-to-day delivery of HR services through IT.

Roundtable: Driving sustainability through behavioural change

“After researching the current state on People Sustainability – IDC, Oxford Economics & SAP have gathered some interesting facts and perspectives. At many organisations there’s often a disconnect between plans, actions, and outcomes.

However, looking at sustainability in general, the biggest impact relies on behavioural change. HR professionals are the organisational experts in human behaviour. So, shouldn’t HR be one of the most important leaders in Sustainability? Shouldn’t HR professionals also view People Sustainability in a new way?

Many organisations commonly report on 4 People Sustainability topics with a narrow view. In this Roundtable we will discuss an alternative lens to your People Sustainability and the impact HR can have.

If HR doesn’t drive a new culture…Who will?”

Lunch & Welcome

Lunch and Welcome by your CHRO Community Manager Anna-Bo Bouwens

Talking about the people in people, planet and profit

“During this keynote, dr. Marcia Goddard will address an uncomfortable truth in the world of HR. Based on her extensive experience working with large organizations on topics related to DE&I, her perspective is that DE&I initiatives have no chance of succeeding when the main players (i.e. you and your c-level peers) aren’t intrinsically motivated to actually make a difference. According to Goddard, too many organizations still address DE&I from a marketing perspective, putting CHROs in the uncomfortable position of having to embellish the truth.

Goddard will refresh your memory by explaining the value of DE&I from a neuroscientific perspective. More importantly, however, she will use that same perspective to explain why intrinsic motivation is an absolute necessity to combat the prehistoric tendency of our brains to resist change. Especially when that change may feel like your seat at the table is being threatened.

By combining neuroscientific insights with real-world examples from her extensive consulting experience, you will leave this talk feeling inspired to tap into your own intrinsic motivation, and truly start making a difference.

Roundtable: Resilience in Leadership

Resilience, what does it stand for? Do we have it by nature and is it a given or also dependent on external factors and zeitgeist? Is there something like collective resilience and is that the sum of the resilience of individuals? Together we deepen the theme ‘Resilience in Leadership’. What traits do resilient leaders have? And is this resilience inexhaustible? Especially in this rapidly changing time in which issues surrounding value creation remain central.
Do we create more value together if we invest in personal growth, self-regulation and gain insight into our own patterns and story?
We challenge you to explore this further with us in this Masterclass ‘Resilience in Leadership’!

Masterclass: Are there alternatives for Capitalism?

“What is capitalism today? And what are the misconceptions about it?

Sjors Roeters once thought that capitalism would save the world. From the age of eleven he traded furiously on the stock exchange and he believed fervently in the superiority of the system. Now he sees that the structures and incentives of capitalism lead to inequality and destruction. While the earth is on fire, the rich get richer. History shows that extreme inequality almost always leads to violence in the end. Can the tide still be turned? And what can HR Directors do for the anti-work movement?”

Masterclass: The new rules of learning

We can be very set in our ways. So set that we can’t see the harm we are doing to ourself and our surrounding just by not evolving. Just as capitalism is taking it’s tol, if we will not evolve our way of learning and developing it can become harmful. In this session, Prof Jonathan Passmore will explore the changing nature of learning and development in the workplace. He will review current trends and suggest how learning and development will change during the course of 2030’s, inviting delegates to consider the direct implications for their roles as CHROs and the organizations they lead.