Hilary Richters

Director Digital Ethics | Deloitte

Hilary Richters is a Director at Deloitte and leads the Deloitte Digital Ethics team she set up. The Digital Ethics team supports private and public organizations with (ethical) issues surrounding digital transformations, data-driven working and algorithmic systems. To ensure that organizations have the tools to follow their moral compass and do good, she and the team develop various solutions to understand public values in a practical way and to embed them in working methods and organizational cultures.

In the workplace and in her spare time, Hilary is also a passionate advocate of the power and importance of inclusion and diversity, as well as increasing digital literacy both in education and the wider society.

Masterclass: Harmonizing Time and Digitalization

Welcome to the world where time and digitalization intertwine in a mesmerizing dance of transformation. Time dictates the pace of digitalization, while digitalization, in turn, leads time to new rhythms.
Their harmony or discordance shape our daily lives.

In this grand orchestra of time, each person is different, each march to their own beat and experiences the passage of time differently.
As leaders, you hold the conductor's baton to orchestrate this into a harmonious symphony.

Learn how to embrace innovation ethically and without being outdated. Because whether you make time or not, digitalization does not wait.