Koen Haegens

Journalist & Author | De Groene Amsterdammer

Koen Haegens (1980) is an economics editor and columnist at De Groene Amsterdammer. In 2012, he published his debut book, "Neem de tijd. Overleven in de to go-maatschappij" (Take Your Time: Surviving in the To-Go Society). In this work, he observed the rise of a society consumed by haste, where people run faster, sleep less, and even speak more quickly than before. But that's not the whole story. Prompted by a life-threatening event that nearly cost him his life, he delves into the 'Great Time Paradox' in his new book, "Op zoek naar de verstrooide tijd" (In Search of Scattered Time). How is it that we complain about busyness, yearn to savor every moment, yet mindlessly squander hours with endless swiping and scrolling, as if we were immortal?